Spell Factors when scribing a scroll

With spells that have factors, which factors are included when scribing a scroll? The scribe OBs appear to use the lowest values. If that is the case, would it be possible to scribe a scroll with a higher effect by raising the scribe OB when creating it?

It occurs to me that perhaps the mechanic is: use scroll, make relevant arcanist test (if required), choosing the factors (if required). That would make scrolls a little more flexible.

Hey Mike! In essence, having a scroll is like temporarily giving yourself another spell inventory slot. What the scroll does is allow you to cast the spell without having it memorized. So you’ll determine the appropriate factors for casting whenever you actually use the scroll. Does that make sense?

Sure does, thanks Thor! I had my D&D hat on when reading through that section. We’re looking to do our first game on Wednesday.