Spell learnin'

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Suppose a magician has no access to their mentor (or has no mentor at all). How do you all handle it when they level up and want to get they learn on for a new spell?

  1. Learning from a scroll … ok personal business in town and make the lore roll?

  2. Access to a library … I suppose they would have to be in a wizards’ tower town type. Call for a circles test perhaps to get access to the library and then conduct another personal business & lore roll?

  3. Find a rent-a-mentor … another circles test? Perhaps call for a ‘locate person’ to find someone capable of teaching you? Should there be a fee?

I would make magic more obscure than a publicly accessible wizards guild. If they were daring (or foolish) enough to roll a wizard without a mentor then they should have to prove themselves to a new mentor. The mentor has to believe they they are worthy of the knowledge, that they can keep the arcane secrets safe and only use them for the right purposes. What the right purposes are may depend on the motivations of the wizard in question, but whatever they may be, an adventure would almost certainly be involved. That’s just how I would play it though.

Personal Business: steal the Court Wizard’s spellbook.

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Yes, you can learn a new spell from a scroll or go in search of a mentor. See Learning New Spells on page 42. Learning from a scroll takes a check in camp or is personal business in town. A spell book captured in an adventure is essentially a book of scrolls.

A circles test at a Wizard’s Tower is definitely one way to go about finding a mentor, but it could be an adventure too. Totally up to the GM – what makes narrative sense?


It’s best practise to exchange spells known between starting Wizards and Elves right?

It’s not a bad idea at all. But either they need to use Mentor to teach each other, or they should scribe scrolls for each other. If you study it directly out of someone’s spell book, it will consume the written spell as if it were a scroll.

Thanks for the replies all! Life as a loner wizard is a bit rough it seems.