Spellcasting During Conflicts

Inspired by the thread on spell duration in conflicts, I realized that I didn’t get how spells work in conflicts.

If I decide to use Eldritch Darts, for instance, I can keep using it for the rest of the conflict. Yes. But what if I have an unused skinning knife (supplies). Do I get +1D for the entire conflict, or just for that one roll?

If I choose to use Veil of the Chameleon as a weapon in a conflict, do I roll to cast the spell? If yes, do I roll it at the top of every round?

On a related note, if I try to cast a spell and fail the roll, is the spell “cast”? Do I lose the spell?

Ok, there we go.

Thank you.

On a failed roll, its either success with a condition or introduce a twist yeah? So I guess whether or not you lose the spell is in the hands of the GM (as a twist). Also

remind players that this is a perfect time to use their traits against themselves. Since they’re going to fail anyway, hurting themselves more doesn’t hurt at all! Might as well gain something to be used for later. And they’ll get a failure result for advancement of their skill. See? Failing ain’t so bad after all.