Spells as Weapons

The Magic Burner lists the effects of spells as weapons on pages 180 - 181. As this is towards thr back of the Abstractions and Distillations chapter I was wondering if it translates as is to gold or were changes made?
(The positioning and weapon length table looks right to me, but is it right for gold)

Don’t use the Magic Burner for Gold. It was written for BWR.
Use the Gold magic rules.

What a shame, I really like my Magic Burner!

Gold refers me back to the Magic Burner for a lot of sorcery type of things (Enchanting & Summoning, for example). If its only for Revised, how do we handle the stuff we are refered back to the Magic Burner for?

Everything but Abstractions actually work fine in Gold. I don’t know why Luke’s naysaying his own work.

The Magic Burner had a lot of revisions to vanilla Sorcery that have not been adjusted for Gold. The other systems work fine, mostly. Some of the Art Magic effects are a little wonky.

Gold already has rules for spells as weapons. Use those instead of what’s in the MaBu.

And my suggestion is to play a bit of “basic” BW before you go trying to pile on the kitchen sink that you’ve hacked into a jacuzzi.

Possible because of the will + sorcery thing? I know that “spell weaving” has been discused beforehand in different threads, and I started this thread asking about the spells as weapons information which is in the back of the abstractions and distillations chapter. Perhaps his answer regarding the magic burner is in concerns to that context and I just read it wrong?
When I bought the books about a year and a half ago, I bought them all together, thinking that they were a set. Not that I regret my purchase as they are all fine books, well written, with a wealth of knowledge and ideas regarding their respective subject matters, innovative and a joy to read. However, if they are not supposed to be relevant to the Gold Edition than it shouldn’t have any references to them. I have posted in “sparks” my attempt to revamp abstractions and distillations but if the whole thing is more the “bath water” rather than the “baby” should it just as metaphorically be “thrown-out”, discarded from our games?

Abstractions are really hard in BWG due to not rolling Will. That said, Abstractions also probably shouldn’t be done with low lifepath and/or starting characters even in BWR because the chances of blowing your face off are REALLY REALLY high.

Regarding the rest of it you should assume that in the case of a rules overlap that the BWG text is authoritative. I’m also going to echo Stormsweeper’s comment about getting some basic BWG under all of your belts first. It’s a pretty hard game on its own, and a tinkering with the systems often causes something apaprently unrelated to blow up in your face (similar to Abstractions). I’m not saying your shouldn’t make tweeks or use the magbu, I’m saying that your should play the core game as written for a bit and pull in supplemental stuff as people get a better handle on the rules.