Spending Artha on connected NPCs

In today’s session, our GM wanted to spend a Fate point to open some sixes on one of his Anvil trooper’s Squad Support Weapons roll. Is this legit? On the one hand, it’s clearly within his player-boundaries: The Anvil Lord is spending the point on behalf of himself, not trying to pass it off to one of the other GM Figures of Note. On the other, it’s another character making the roll, not the Anvil Lord himself.

We had some discussion and ended up allowing the spend, but in retrospect I’m not so sure. What’s the general view here?

Whoa. Meta!

I traditionally only allow artha to be spent on the rolls of the owning character, but I can totally see why you allowed this in BE.

Was the PC with the squad?

I’m the GM in this game and the Anvil Lord was on the field in Iron making unit tests for the squad. The Fate use in question was to open end a shot opportunity that needed one more success to punch through some cover. It was a total rules grey area, mostly since it was “unnamed Iron fusor section” as part of a GM Iron company instead of a section being lead by another GMPC (if that had been the case I’d have just spent the other guys Artha and it wouldn’t have mattered).