Spending check for recovery while in hometown?

p. 127

“The GM may use his characters to feed the players as he see fit, too. Family, friends and mentors will feed the character if he calls on them and they are able to help. When these characters feed the player’s character, he may alleviate his hungry condition—he’s fed!”

If the NPCs(family, friends and mentors) feed the PC, does he need to spend check for recovery?

I can see it going this way. You wouldn-'t be in your hometown that often so this could be okay. If this is to much for you you can give them recovery without a check (but then they don’t get a test)

No check is required if the GM’s characters feed the PCs.

Neither do you need a check if you can find a safe place to rest, like your parent’s house.

“Family, friends and mentors will feed the character if he calls on them” (page 127).

“You can get a good night’s rest from the generosity of your friend, your parents, Gwendolyn” (page 128).

These situations allow a character to recover from a condition without spending a check or making a test, but only for the character that has the relationship. Your mouse’s family can’t feed or house the whole patrol.

Thank you all so much!

D’oh! I’ll never get that player check back.