Spicing up Middarmark Town Events

Although Rimholm is the capital of the High Queen’s holdings in the Middarmark, it is a cursed place haunted by its past.

Today we talk about customizing Town Events for your campaign:


Brutal town events results!

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Yep, they can be.

I modeled the distribution after the results for the 2e Bustling Metropolis. But in the core rules, you can destroy Bustling Metropolis on a 0-2, and in my version it is only on a zero. I couldn’t bring myself to destroy Rimholm more than once. :european_castle:


I love Cursed Fog. Pathfinder should be in there though. Easy to get lost on sea and land in a cursed fog.


Cool thanks. I love that one too!

The fog came from one of Thor’s initial suggestions. I wonder if players would ever choose to skip that town if they saw the fog.

The Middarmark weather effect of fog already has the Pathfinder built into it. I was just adding Sailor because it wasn’t specifically mentioned. Maybe I’ll add a page number reference to the Middarmark book to help make that clearer. Or maybe lift the entire factor sentence.



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