Spider Nets

I’m reading through the Great Spiders in the Monster Burner (great job, by the way, Luke–it is really, really creepy), and I’m looking at the section on Nets and Lariats. Spiders can use the Snares skill to make a net that they can throw. My question is this: is it reusable? Can a spider throw it, miss, then draw it back in and try again?

Hm. I think in practice I use them as one shot weapons.

That makes sense, from both a logical (they get crap all over them and lose their sticky) and balance (they’re categorically better than lariats if you can make one in the morning and use it all day) standpoint.

They should start cluttering up the battlefield if they miss.

That’s what makes the one-shot distinction really relevant–it takes an hour to make the net.

This is why the Instinct: “Always have a net ready” is a quite useful one for spiders.