Spirit Binding after Character Burning?

So I have a wizard in one of my games who through a series of role played interactions has managed to get instructed in the basics of spirit binding, we did this largely as a way to give him some tools to deal with a demon that is causing havoc in the world and a way to get advice. As he learned Spirit Binding outside of character creation how do I handle domains? Does he just receive one for where he learned it (which is what I did for the session giving him a forest domain) or does he still get one domain per life path?


Just the domain where he learned, I say. Unless he was instructed by a master, who might’ve taught the PC other domains?

See Binding Oneself to a Domain on page 113. I wouldn’t give a domain for free. The culmination of the teaching would be the domain binding ritual. Additional domains would have to be bound similarly.

Note, though, standard BW demons are affected by Summoning, not spirit binding.

Kublai, he was taught by a master who has only one domain as she is a nature priestess, thus the reason I felt one domain was appropriate.

Thanks Thor. He is also learning circination and I believe his plan is to create a prison circle to try and trap the demon in at some point. If we have to bend the rules a bit for story I am not to concerned about it. Thanks for the clarification though! I will work with my player to get some points into paying for his new domain :slight_smile:

The prison circle should work regardless.