Spirit Binding and Circination

I can’t seem to find any lifepath in BWG or the CODEX that gives the character the spirit binding or circination skills perhaps i’m just blind but some help would be great.

These are all appearances:


  • Human Seafaring Setting - Weather Witch (BWG pg 191)
  • Human Peasant Setting - Speaker of Names (Codex pg 402)
  • Roden Exile Subsetting - Albino (Codex pg 442)


  • Human Peasant Setting - Speaker of Names (Codex pg 402)
  • Human Villager Setting - Wizard’s Apprentice (Codex pg 403)
  • Human Noble Court Subsetting - Court Summoner (Codex pg 403)
  • Human College of Magic Subsetting - Junior Student (Codex pg 405)

And don’t forget that you can always pick them up with General skill points, too.

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Thank you very much! I had one more question Spirit Binding gives you a domain based on your lifepaths what kind of Domains would come from City Born, Neophyte Sorcerer, Speaker of Names, and the one I find most interesting Desperate Killer?

What your setting looks like is going to be the real answer more than the lifepaths itself I would say. Reread the Domain and Medium subheader on Codex pg 307 and the Medium and Domain section on Codex pg 309 for inspiration. If you still need guidance after doing that, let us know.

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