Spirit Binding Medium without Domain

In the Magic Burner under the heading, “Spirit Binder Must be Bound to a Domain” it says, “If a spirit binder does not have a lifepath or a binding associated with a particular domain, he may not conjure spirits from that domain.”

Under “Spirit Marks” on the next page it says, “Whenever the element, medium or idiom of the mark is involved in the Spirit Binding test, whether or not the summoner is in one of his domains, he gains the applicable bonus dice to the test.”

Can a spirit binder with a spirit mark of, say, wind, bind a wind spirit in a domain he is not bound to?

I’ve been thinking about this question for the last few days. I’m trying to imagine a situation when a spirit mark would override the core conceit of the spirit binder’s limitations. I can’t think of one!

Still, there are a couple of interpretations available.

  1. You could count a spirit mark as equivalent to a binding. That’s pretty powerful, but it might be worth considering since spirit binders can be very limited by their domains.

  2. You play it conservative and count that text as me overreaching in an attempt to be exhaustive. Spirit binders can only bind in their domains BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEATERS and can easily add +1D to nearly any roll you can think of.

So, it’s your call. Let me know what you decide!

I think Spirit Marks should allow you to bind outside the domains you are bound to. I know we have played them that way in the past.

I think the downside of Spirit Marks is pretty negligible, though. I don’t know that any Spirit Binder has had more than a couple dice in marks.