spliting factional disposition bonuses as compromise

This is probably a dumb question (I need my coffee :oops: ) but inspired by the previous faction thread, as a result of a conflict compromise can you split and/or erode the dispositional bonus that a faction provides?

Say I’m playing Sheva’s husband and I’m negotiating to get reinforcements from the other neighboring valleys. But let’s say there’s some potential opposition to that. Let’ say the advisor to the neighboring baron is an unwitting vaylen FoN for our little side story here: he fears sending reinforcements would weaken their valley and so opposes Sheva’s husband in a Duel of Wits.

Let’s say Sheva’s husband wins but not without compromise. Is it cool to have the compromise be that the neighboring valley sends reinforcements, but not as much as it possibly could, thus reducing the dispositional bonus it provides?

How about, if the advisor actually was hulled, is it possible to use the compromise with appropriate color to say siphon off a point of disposition for the vaylen side?

Thats sounds cool to me! too bad I really don’t know if it legal or not.

I think doing anything to disposition in conflict scenes this undercuts the Infection mechanics, and the importance of the race to win/eliminate factions through assessing and taking action against them.

For example, in the Agra playtest (the example in the Infection chapter), we were obsessed with taking control of the Mundas Humanitas faction. They were being manipulated by an Inquisitor (FoN) who was preparing a coup on Agra. As players, we expended our resources over several manuevers to overthrow the Inquisitor and gain control of the church.

see page 433:

If the faction is successfully activated, its disposition value is added to the activating side for this phase. It may not be activated by the other side in this phase. The faction is now under the activator’s control.
The activating side may use the faction’s assets to aid them, or they
may destroy it and drive it out of the phase. The disposition bonus
represents either path, but the players should describe their decision
and its effects!

Once we’ve gained the disposition, there’s nothing the other side can do to gain the faction (in this phase).

This was well proven in the same campaign, when Luke gained control of the Psychologist Foundation behind our backs!