SPQM: Theatre plays

Another important thing in Senatus populusque muris is theatre plays (and other varities) and for this I think I need a skill or two. What do you think, one ‘‘Performer’’ skill and one ‘‘Play writer’’ skill och should there only be performer and writing plays is a wise (or some third secret alternative)?

This is a scope/scale issue, IMO.

In theory, you need two skills.

In practice, will you run playwright characters in your game? It’s far more likely that you will have Actors, but less likely that you will have Playwrights… but if you do have Playwrights, then they should have some skill.

I would say that Performance is a critical skill to include. Anything else should be a Wise. There could be a Composition skill, modified by Wises (Epic Poetry, Plays, etc). If it were Burning Wheel, then there’s a Playwright skill that you can FoRK in… but I think it’s better to use a Wise for Mouse Guard.

Yep, you’re right, the characters that actually is gonna be played will rather have performer experience than play-write experience. Would they for some reason try to compose it probably would be Beginner’s Luck, maybe supported by a wise.