Sprucetuck Sciencefair

In my game there is a guardmouse whose enemy is a scientist. I was thinking about there being some sort of mad scientist plot occuring at an annual sciencefair held at sprucetuck.

I was wondering if anyone could help think of some mousey inventions that could be used during this mention. I thought of little mouse cars and airplanes fueled by berries that would be a very unstable but also very fun to use. Also experiments with gunpowder weaponry. Experimental medicines (Mouse Jekyll and Hyde maybe). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What about a gadget to collect honey that runs amok, sending the bees into an angry swarm? Guardmice need to find a way to shut down the machine and calm the bees (complex test or complex test + conflict).

Or a new Scent Border mixture that someone sabotages that draws in a wolverine or something? (nothing too huge) Drive off the wolverine, neutralize the scent mixture and find the culprit.

Those are exactly the kinds of things I’m looking for! I really enjoy the whole good science gone horribly awry angle. Thank you, Rafe.

Experiments on Static Electricity … mice rubbing each other the wrong way. Somemouse starts a spikey-hair fad. Accidentally sets off the nearby demonstration on “smokey bat guano cigars”.


Oh … other experiments for the science fair.

Steam-powered piston wagons : it’s all good until someone plays with the whistle and lets the steam out.

Self-propelled Slinky Travel Tube : mouse rides in spherical vessel within the coil.

Oh … and you gotta have rollercoasters and balloon rides at the science fair. Or maybe have people demonstrating glider-flight designs …

I gotta go find Leonardo di Vinci’s sketches now …

Yeah that helicopter flying contraption that davinci designed is pretty freakin scary.