Stacking wounds

Just a quick question about taking hits and wounds.

What happens when you take more than 3 wounds from to a single hit location? Like, I take 3 hits from a H4 weapon, filling all 3 of the circles in, and then I take a 4th hit to the same spot? Is this hit ignored or does it carry over to the next highest slot?

No one else seems to be answering, so I’ll take a stab and say that I do not think that the number of dots available on the character sheet affect the number of wounds of that number you can have.

Superficials combine up into Injuries, but I think that is only for Wound Dice, not for the actual dots used. Injuries and Maimings don’t add up into higher injuries, so I don’t think there is any reason and you can’t have four H6 Injuries.

Ozark is right.

Whooo hooo!

One small item that’s had me a little confused: Say the example character burned durng the character burning chapter, who has a Superficial Tolerance of H3 and an Injury Tolerance of H5, receives an attack which inflicts H4 damage. Assuming no Superficial tolerance circles have yet been checked, does the character’s player check a circle under the H4 column, or does the damage “shake down” to H3?

Well, it’s an H4 wound, isn’t it? Why would it become an H3? Basically, with the setup you describe, all H3 and H4 wounds are superficial. That means 3 H3s make an injury, 2 H3s and an H4 make an injury, whatever. The fact that there are three dots for each coordinate is coincidental to the fact that three superficials get bumped to a wound. You could make a sheet that had more or less dots and it wouldn’t change anything (and some people have, and they work great).

Zabieru, I think that’s what Imagines meant by shakes down to H3. for his character H3 and H4 are essentially the same thing. Is that so?


you are all correct. Mark the wound as you take it, but it counts as a Superficial.