Star Guard: Star Wars Hack

Hello there! I’ve been working on a mouse guard hack for star wars for a while. The work is nearing completion, the second season of our campaign is already coming to an end (the order 66 is near). Plus I launched a separate module for a completely new group. The results are very positive. Therefore, I would like to ask if the community has an interest in this kind of materials?
The fact is that my native language is Russian, and in order to start working on the translation, I need to understand if someone needs it :slight_smile:

Below is a teaser photo :slight_smile:

And the album with all cards (not translated yet): "Звездные войны" – 43 photos | VK


Strange one photo per post limit. Thats how it look on the table.

хорошо! (that and three other words are the limits of my Russian)

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