Star Wars hack - Hazards & Obstacles

Okay… just a few quick ideas while I’m cooking dinner.

This thread will about the various Hazards & Obstacles in play.

First up, space combat (because it’s closest to what I like), first on the Commander (Militarist) scale.

I still like basing it on the Natural Order concept in Mouse Guard. Small snub fighters need numbers to take down big capital ships. What better way to do it than what’s already in the book?

So, I’ve renamed the concept “Order of Battle”. It’s not much in line with the modern ORBAT concept, but it’s close enough of a bridge between ORBAT & Natural Order.

First, at the starfighter level. Instead of size, I think you can split it between dedicated interceptors (no anti-capital ship weaponry), and starfighters with ion cannons and/or concussion missiles/torpedos. This way, the interceptor craft need bigger numbers to fight capital ships.

Then, the rest goes by relative size.

So, the ORBAT thing for Star Wars (think: Natural Order scale in Mouse Guard)…
[li]Interceptors & Light Starfighters with no anti-capital ship weapons (Example: Delta-7 Aethersprite Interceptor, Geonosian Starfighter, Imperial TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor)
[/li][li]Starfighters with Ion Cannons and/or Missiles/Torpedos (Example: Eta-2 Actis Starfighter, ARC-170, Royal Naboo Starfighter, Droid Tri-Fighter, Y-Wing & X-Wing, TIE Bomber)
[/li][li]Armed Light Freighters & Small Capital Ships (Corellian YT-series Transports)
[/li][li]Cruisers (Acclamator-class Assault Ships, Munificent-class Frigates (Banking Clan))
[/li][li]Star Destroyers & Battleships (Venator-class Star Destroyer, Lucrehulk-class Battleships)

Pretty self explanatory, I think.

What about a Natural Order scale for ground level stuff too. Singe person up to AT-AT scale? Or maybe work it into your scale, because an AT-AT could probably take down a TIE fighter.

Also, should be some exceptions for Jedi or people with lightsabers? Luke took down an AT-AT by himself, not to mention a Death Star.


Yeah, AT-ATs & such would work well in the Natural Order system, I think. I’d have to dig out the Star Wars references to do that myself, but you or anyone is welcome to sketch out an ORBAT for ground units.

I guess you could mix in starfighters, but I think I’d want space & ground to have different scales… though there’s definitely overlap (like the Core ships of twin-hulled Lucrehulk-class vessels).

And then, what do you do for mixed units? Infantry, snowspeeders, artillery against AT-ATs, AT-STs, and infantry?

Yeah, good point.

I was thinking about the Death Star… There’s Luke blowing it up with the bullseye shot. There’s also the earlier part where they snuck aboard the Death Star, rescued the Princess, and got out again.

We need an Infiltrate/Sabotage Conflict, I think (where Luke (that one) has Conflict: Other on the Conflict chart).

Meaning: Some kind of small unit stealth action against a bigger enemy that can’t be confronted directly through the War conflict mechanics.

I’m still thinking about skill labels between Scoundrel, Scout, and Saboteur, so I’ll avoid listing skills for actions in the stealth action conflict.

Also, Promotion. Specifically, Padawan to Jedi. Is a Conflict or Test necessary to pass the Trials? Or just assume it’s done?