Stargate Guard

Has anyone considered adapting Mouse Guard for games set in the Stargate Universe?

My housemates and I are fans of SG-1 and Atlantis respectively, and they’re into RPGs and the Mouse Guard mechanics though not of mice =[

They’ve been pestering me to hack the game, and I was wondering if anyone had already started/wanted to collaborate.

I actually thought of this, being a huge SG-1 fan. The problem is that it would be hard to incorporate so many aliens and what not. If you did it right it would rock. I’d help you, but I’m working on another hack that is in it’s early stages.

Really, there are not that many aliens unless you’re in the Atlantis setting…

Main SGU is humans, Go’auld, Asgard, and about 3 minor species.
Atlantis adds the Wraith, and at least 4 more minors.

THe vast majority are, however, merely human.

True, but the problem is that I would get bored after dealing with the same aliens and would want to bring new ones in that had never been discovered. Also, if you play stargate, the whole point for the people playing would be exploration. What’s on the other side of that event horizon? To make it fun for me personally, I would want to bring something new and interesting to every mission. That means new planets, new aliens. The possibilities are endless. If it was done this way, it would be a lot of work for the hack writer and the GM. I would get tired of fighting the same aliens in the same environments over and over again. Personally, if I were to GM a campeign, I’d make up a lot of worlds and aliens from scratch, because the cool thing about stargate is finding new, unexplained things.

Is it doable? Maybe.

Would it be a lot of work? Yes.

99% of both series is dealing with humans displaced by either the wraith or Go’auld. About 50% of the eps show nothing but humans. And, for game purposes, everything else (besides Wraith and Go’auld) is close enough to human norms that ONLY cutural matters need be addressed.

Well to my mind, the Genii, Travellers, Satedans, Athosians, all those human off-shoot groups like the servants of the Ori, they can be covered by a Human Nature.

Even the Jaffa could conceivably be put in the same box, only with rewards like “Never gets Sick or Tired unless attacked in form x”.

The Goa’uld, Wraith and helpers of the Ori should probably be designed, along with a rough template for Ascended Beings (along the lines of Antediluvians in Vampire: The Noun, namely that they always have more dice. In anything).

Most of the minor aliens like the water-guys who mess up the Russians, or the Re’tu or whatever, I reckon they could easily be developed as animal challenges or weather effects. I don’t it would necessarily be that tricky. In fact, I reckon the part of the hack that would be the biggest slog would be play-testing.

By the way, what’s the OP for discussing specific areas of a hack on here? The only other mods I’ve worked on were at TWCentre, where there were sub-forums.


For some real freedom for new races and places, why not Heechee Guard? :slight_smile:


Fredrick Pohl creation. Wikipedia article

Basically, an alien race left an asteroid packed with small spacecraft that are all pre-programmed to go to a location. But nobody knows what destination… You could find a huge treasure trove of artifacts or valuables, or you could end up on a hostile planet, or even at the event horizon of a black hole. In my mind, the best analogy is a truck full of cans, with all the labels removed. Hungry? :slight_smile:

With that set-up, you can send a small group anywhere you like, encountering anything you’d like. It’s a little blunt, and even obvious for a smorgasboard campaign/setting, but it’s effective. The nice thing is that the fiction has the ships always returning after 30 days, so you can mount rescue/recovery missions or return to previously explored areas for further exploration/exploitation.