Stargate Universe Hack

I’m curious if anyone has seen a Stargate Universe hack. I couldn’t stand to watch through the original SG1, but I loved SG Universe. I’ve always kinda wanted to tinker with generating a game inspired by it.

Could MG form a solid base for SG Universe?

I think so, yeah! SGU was one of my main inspirations for my upcoming MGSF superhack.

It isn’t specifically SGU but I’m sure you can see how to get there. Just leave out the transhumanist stuff, unless you want to do up some alien races.

That said, the links behind the link are a little stale. I’ve been working with Thor and Luke on Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers and I’ve got tons of new ideas I’d like to incorporate into the next draft. But this one’s totally playable, and I’ve probably run 50 hours of gaming with it so far.

Exciting stuff. I <3 SG:U, and lament its cancellation. Maybe they’ll do movies?


This is excellent. It might take me a few weeks to fully parse, but I like especially the ship has Traits which can be called upon.

Yeah, it’s a bit more involved than a reskin. :slight_smile: