Starting Shade on Character Creation

Pretty simple question based on the changes between BWR and BWG.

BWR had a way for a character to theoretically buy a white shade stat or skill on creation. The only passages I can find in BWG is specifically about buying grey-shade - there’s no mention of buying white. Should I take this to mean that a character can no longer start off with white shade, in the rules as written?

Looks that way to me. Any particular reason you want to burn a character with a white skill?


Not me, but another player in our group burned up a 5-lifepath dwarf with a ridiculous number of RPs (took Prince twice). According to the (old) rules he could start with W10 Resources, but the new rules seem to default that to G10 as best possible starting score.

300 rps? Dang. I didn’t realize that was possible. The rules don’t really mention anything about white shade, though, so I think that’s correct.

You guys all let him take Prince twice?

He would need to justify how he was a prince twice for it to not get vetoed.

White shade is talked about a few times, with the “lose 5 points to get White shade” rules that are exactly like Grey shade. Sure - the rules don’t explicitly state it - but I don’t see why not if that’s the game you’re play.

At the same time - why would you get a double Prince?

I would MUCH rather let them take weirder lifepaths and different lifepaths, rather than concentrate in one spot.

At the same time - a human can have Chosen One, Faithful, and Gifted at the same time if they’re 5 lifepaths, so if you’re playing that game, do it.

Even the player took Warden or Treasurer instead of Prince the character would still have over 300 RPs at character generation, and the 200 from Prince alone can take you to W3.

From the Elf side you can hit Etharch in 5 LPs and also get >300 RPs.

For one thing, there’s no need to “be a prince twice” for it to make sense. Are you saying that you’d veto someone taking, say, Adventurer twice in a row just because they couldn’t be an adventurer twice? The book is explicit that you’re allowed to take the same lifepath more than once.

For another thing, let him take Prince twice. His starting Greed will be an absolute minimum of 9 (7 from Resources, +1 from Prince lifepath, +1 from being over 200 years old), with another +2 almost certain (1 from having coveted someone else’s stuff, and 1 from having been in the presence of a Dwarven masterwork). In other words, even with shading his Greed to grey and buying a romantic relationship, he’s still going to be a Greedy SOB and will leave play shortly due to hitting 10 Greed.

By all means, veto the character if he’s just powergaming (hint: if he answers “no” to having coveted another’s possession, he’s almost certainly powergaming), but the system already punishes Princes pretty heavily by forcing them to have massive Greed. Don’t forget routine tests advance Greed.

I certainly wouldn’t veto taking Prince twice. His father the king lived a long and propserous life. Thus leaving him the prince while his father the King ruled.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a high resource character. But be carefull with allowing white shade (or gray shade). I found out the hard way it can be a real campaign killer. So the real question you should ask is: Do godlike abilities, stats, etc. fit the story we are going to play.

With even a low white resource score it will be really hard to challenge him. I found out that already gray shades can make stories dull because there is no change of failure. at the end of a what should have been an epic sail through a massive storm, even my players said “that is it?” al because a gray pilote skill.

Same wil go for the greed, he is already at the edge. one more push and he is over. That is just one little push with routine tests counting.

So do you think the character will give interresting stories? If the anwser is yes, by all means go ahead. If there is doubt, consider other options