Starting Traits for fresh recruits


I am a fan from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I got my paws in a copy of the Mouse Guard RPG and after I read it twice that is a question I could not understand fully… TRAITS… How many traits you got when you create a guardmouse?

There is tihis part of the rules that said “Trait selection is similar to skill
selection. You can choose a variety of traits or choose one or two traits
multiple times. Each time you choose a trait you increase its value. There are three ranks of traits.”

Okay, I just use the recruitment rules and, by my calculation, Guardmouse receives 2 Traits at the begining: one trait from Homeland and one Trait from the “Choose a quality you were born with” section… You really strength the homeland trait by picking it again in the in-born quality… but after it, the text becomes unclear. I´m reading right? or I made a mistake somewhere?

If you are a tenderpaw you choose another trait from table “Choose something you learned or inherited from your parents”. So Tenderpaw and more veteran characters begins with a combination of 3 traits (1 homeland, 1 in-born and 1 from parents OR life on the road).

Thanks for your time.

Alessandro Franzen

You’re correct on both counts.