Stat vs. Skill tests?

I think I read in Range and Cover that Stat vs. Skill tests are always double Ob for the Stat roller, is that true in all other cases too? Does that apply in fight?

Edit: NM, just found it in the fight rules.

New question: If I’m testing Agility as beginner’s luck for Sword against someone else’s Sword, do their dice get quadrupled? (double for stat vs. skill and double for beginner’s luck).

This is different from, say, strike vs. avoid, where one player uses their weapon skill vs. speed. In that case, speed is at double obstacle penalty, but it’s not a beginner’s luck test.

Edit: damnit, I just read that avoid is the exception that never gets doubled due to stat vs. skill. Ugh!

Still not sure if Testing beginner’s luck sword vs. sword (in a strike vs. block, for example) would be double or quadruple ob. My gut says double only, and I think that’s how it reads too.

Stat vs. skill is always double obstacle - Beginner’s Luck is a specific variant of that rule.

OK good, that makes it simple :slight_smile: And the only exception to that rule that I’ve found is when you test Speed in an “avoid” action in fight.