Stats for a a Warhammer?

One of my players has a character with a general smithy background and uses a hammer as her weapon. I think this is intended to be like a warhammer rather than a nail hammer or mallet but I’m not sure of the best way to stat it. So far I’ve told her to treat it like an axe, but I’m not sure that really works.
Any suggestions?


Hammer, page 554.



Thank you.

Waitaminute! There is no page 554. I’m definitley not seeing hammer under the weapons listings either. Am I missing something?

I was gonna say! I got ripped off!

I seem to recall stats for a mace. Could you use that? Or maybe I read them on here. I think it worked like a sword that ignored or in some way interacted differently with armor. I wonder if I could get any vaguer? I think that somewhere there are words regarding a weapon to use in a game.

Oops! Wrong forum! I thought this was a BWG thread. Mea culpa.

For a hammer in MG, use the stats for the mace.

There’s no maces in MG either, Luke :slight_smile:

I’d use the Axe template for it, as both weapons are more or less similar in their use and effect on the battlefield; both are on the slow side and difficult to defend with, but they both hit like a ton of bricks.

the mace is provided in the box set supplement. It reduces the value of opponent’s armor in a fight.

Ah. Sadly, I only have the original hard back rule book. However I found some stats on here for maces which were agreeable and I’ll use those. Thanks everyone.


Wait, there was an expansion?!



You must get it–it has rules for HARE MOUNTS. Accompanied by some outrageously badass art.