Steady Paw from Barkstone

When I recruit a Mouse and choose Barkstone as the town where he was born I have to take Steady Paw trait, because is the only choice. Ok, let’s go to the trait description: “The steady paws of Barkstone come from a tradition of skilled labor in the city, specifically smiths.” Smiths? Wait, Barkstone gave me Carpenter, Potter and Glazier as my skill choices, but nothing about Smith. Anyway, I don’t want to take smith at all in the next steps! How to use Steady Paw not being a Smith?

A steady hand is useful to any trade requiring precision, Scientist when working chemicals, Baking when working with delicate concoctions like souffles, a Healer performing surgery, a bowmouse taking careful aim, etc.

It’s just a trait, dude. It can be used for any roll. Sorry about the confusion.

No problem, luke! Maybe I just go in too much detail. I didn’t understand what steady means, in my language it is translated in some way that is difficult to understand, but with Thor description everything is clear. Thank you.