Steel failure and advantage in Fight!

Hi everybody! Sorry in advance if this has been answered already, tried to search for similar threads without success.

So, a question came up last session, about characters failing steel while having the weapon advantage during a Fight. Do they lose it? My guess is that they should cede advantage, unless they’ve chosen the “running away” reaction. But I can’t find anything in the books.

p453 of BWGR:

If you hesitate for a complete volley, you give up your advantage in positioning (if you had any). If you are hesitating at the start of an exchange, you can only disengage if you’re Running Screaming. Other hesitation options count as Let 'Em Come

So if you can manage to hesitate for less than a full volley (due to high Reflexes and a good Steel test) you won’t give up positioning. Anything else cedes positioning advantage til the next exchange. If they’re still hesitating at the start of a new exchange, they cede advantage automatically as in Let 'Em Come unless they are Running Screaming in which case they can only try to Disengage instead of vying for position directly.

I would also consider the character to be Knocked Down if they Fall Prone and Beg for Mercy with their hesitation, so that they must spend actions to right themselves and receive Ob penalties to actions until they do so. Note that Falling Prone also assumes the weapon is dropped (p362) so the character would be disarmed and would need to recover that (or draw a new one) in order to reengage with something other than Bare Hands.


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