Stellarium of the Vinteralf

Before the holidays, Countercheck and I decided to do a short series of one page dungeons. We just put the final touches to our first one, Stellarium of the Vinteralf.

Like most one-page dungeons, it’s system neutral, but I do most of my Torchbearer planning in a system neutral way anyways. Consider using Gnoll stats for Price Thavir and his merry Vinteralf, and Black Dragon stats for the Wyrm Jokun. To interpret timelines like ‘d4 hours’, you’ll need to pay attention to the fiction of your game (alternately, you could just pick something like 6 turns, or one camp phase).


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Nice. Are you going to submit this to the One Page Dungeon Contest for this year? Submissions are now open (until the end of April).

Yes, most likely, unless we like the next one better.

That looks great, man!

Stay cool :cool:

So nice Michael! I miss playing with you guys!


Here’s another one-page adventure, also systemless: The Steeps of Ur-Menig.


These are great.

I seem to have something to work out of my system. :slight_smile:

The dragons are long gone now, but the heap of semi-fossilized dung they left still towers over the cavern floor. Just goes to show that the meanest of scavengers will fight over anything: [Midden of the Deep


The midden might be my favorite one yet.

DAMN. Fuseboy FTW.

Number four is ready! This time I figured I’d go for a charged situation rather than a labyrinth with clear opposition. Also, Stellarium has proved to be my favorite map, so I’ve returned to that style. An dying order of paladins is doing their best to hold fast against their sorcerous prisoner, the summoner Yorta: The Cage of Serimet!

Also, I’ve decided to start a Patreon campaign, details through the link.

Keep these coming. I will definitely be using one in the very near future.

Fifth one! This time around I’m trading some geography for a bit more information about NPCs and magic items. For ages, an order of nuns has protected the souls of the wicked from judgement. But now three ogres have come to the island, looking for something they believe they deserve, and they’re going to spoil everyone’s fun.

Welcome to dinner! You’re the entertainment.

Awesome job. I started running your Stellarium adventure and it’s working out great with my Torchbearer group.

Oh sweet, good stuff!

Another one. A pack of dirty, dirty cultists have finally succeeded in bringing their demigod to earth, hoping to usher in an age of wanton excess. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out the way they hoped, and now their problems are everyone’s problems.

Another one, the first two-pager of the lot (they’ll all be two pages from now on). This is probably the least Torchbearer-friendly of the lot, at least as far as levels 1-5 goes; it’s a bit more like a DW front, so more appropriate to Burning Wheel. (Just didn’t feel like starting a wholly separate thread.)

Morton has a werewolf problem. If only that was the extent of it! Circle of Wolves.