Stellarium of the Vinteralf

Seriously, please do. These are incredible, and I’d definitely be willing to put money down for a book of them (or even better, a PDF), just to have them all at-hand.

Ditto, though I’d like them as a printed book, perhaps even in the same form factor as the Torchbearer book! Shouldn’t be TOO hard to restructure into portrait orientation.

You can take my money!!! They are fantastic!

Hey, The Lantern of Wyv just won the one-page dungeon contest, it was a three-way tie for top spot.

Awesome. Congratulations, Michael.


This one started out life as part of the Burning Grunweld campaign, way back in 2010. I’ve always loved the idea of the cliff-side city, so I revisited it, turning it into a Tyrant-paralyzed city state.

I’m making my first post on this forum in order to say that I’d totally purchase a compendium of these adventures and would love to see it in some kind of print format. I’m a newbie Torchbearer DM and these are going to be a great resource for my group.

The Oracle’s Decree is a desert adventure, an excuse to kill PCs with water shades.

A couple of new ones. Three for the Grave is mostly outdoors, so use this with your home-rolled wilderness rules. :slight_smile: There’s quite a lot of Hochen DNA in there, I think, which wasn’t on purpose. I guess infected bears are just too awesome to pass up.

Chains of Heaven is much more dungeoney (though strictly speaking, most of it is outdoors also).

This one is all dungeon, and just one page in time for the one-page dungeon contest.

Always amazing.

…and I pity the fools that try to map it! 8-O