I was inspired by Sean Nittner’s Giant Tick, so here’s a classic nasty blighter for you all:

Might: 2
Nature: 2
Nature Descriptors: Blood-sucking, Flying, Swarming
Dispositions: Flee 5, Fight 3, Drive off 2. Capture: Nature + Nature Roll. No others.Fight Weapons: Proboscis (+1D Attack, +1D Feint), Feathered Wings (+1s Maneuver, +1s Defend)
Flee Weapons: Feathered Wings (+1s Attack, +1D Defend)
Armor: None

Instinct: Attack from above!
Special: Blood Drain. Stirges live to impale victims with their needle-sharp proboscises and suck them dry of blood. A successful Attack or Feint indicates a stirge has successfully inserted its proboscis into the acting character’s flesh. Once so attached, the character loses one stone every volley until the stirge is removed (requires 2s of a successful maneuver) or all of that character’s stones have been discarded. Even a warrior, dwarf or halfling with the Stubborn ability can be knocked out of a conflict in this manner.

Classic! But . . . What if my character isn’t carrying any stones? Is she immune to the Blood Drain attack then?

Heh, yeah, was wondering about that as well. Some disposition alternative?

I think it’s referring to some sort of health mechanic–the kickstarter preview states that you’ll need some sort of stones or markers to keep track of health, etc.

Stones are “Hit Points” — if you’re in a conflict and still on your feet, you’ll have at least one.

And here I thought it was a reference to archaic measures of weight.

Ah, that makes the sense. (only thirteen days until we’re thirteen days closer to learning more!)

Sweet! Thanks for posting this Thor, Stirge’s were coming up on my list!