Stock transformation

I’m currently playing an orc character who escaped his clan because he wants to become human. He heard somehow that a magical tree can make him human and he’s on a quest to become one.

If he manage to become human somehow…how can we do that mechanicaly? Any suggestion on how to mechanicaly transform a stock into another one like this?


You can represent an Orc transforming into a human by having a trait vote, and voting off his Orcish Common Traits.

Thats a good idea…the rest seem to be cosmetic. Then you switch hatred to faith and keep the same rating perhaps…?

This is effectively killing orc and constructing new char with the same name. :confused:

Take a look at Path of Spite, which shows you how elves on the dark path can become orcs.

I suppose that’s a philosophical question: does Hatred make one an orc?

But in terms of skills and such, the Orc still has their past lifepaths, and the skills gained from those lifepaths, and though they might not have their Orc common traits any longer, they may still have traits gained from those lifepaths.

Why would the orc transfer their Hatred directly to faith? That seems counterintuitive to me.

Yeah, that bit I would question. If the orc were in the position to receive the Faithful trait, I would have them answer the questions as normal and advance it accordingly.

The Orc has to earn Faithful the same way as anyone else, by trait vote. Probably not this trait vote, either, unless his transformation has been a tremendous act of faith.

I’m not convinced that this has to be a trait vote, though. If it’s a specific event in the game that turns an Orc human, it’s not up for discussion. He’s not “earning” humanity, it’s just happening all at once. Remove the Orc common traits, probably remove all the Hate-rooted Orcish skills (and, if you’re very generous, replace them with non-Hate equivalents if they exist), and call it a day.

One neat option would be to have the tree be the catalyst. It gives him the chance to become human, but now the Orc has to live up to it. Then you can have trait votes. If the Orc lives up to humanity, vote off Orcish traits (and on any particular relevant traits). An Orc who overcomes Hate by zealous Faith is one option, but there are plenty. But life ain’t easy for an Orc trying to play Man, and there are plenty of ways he can be scorned, slighted, mocked, and abused, all of which are recipes for climbing Hate…

These are all great ideas and comments thanks!

I would actually prefer that this not actually be possible for my character. I think there is something kind of beautiful about having a Belief which is completely unachievable. The Ob 10 Hatred tests are specifically built towards something like this. “Realizing there is no hope for you and there never was” seems to point towards this situation.

I like the idea of the trait vote to remove the Oc traits. Perhaps you’re looking for a Human wife? You do have the Breeder trait.

I would structure it like this (this: being off the top of my head, with no book nearby, and not having flipped through it in months)…

The tree doesn’t make the orc a human. It gives him a branch, or a talisman, that helps guide the Orc towards conquering his hatred and undoing his orcish nature. Then begin to shrink Hatred, making tests against it, to begin the slow change from orc to human. It’s character growth, and turns the change into a long term progress kind of change.

The other option would be to discover the tree exchanges lives. Those who seek to shed their skins on the tree have that life taken from them, and their life given to a dying child of the race they desire. The tree gives the victim this choice as it slowly strangles them, and of course by that point it’s too late to back out. Unless you’re an orc, and your hatred gives you strength to break free and destroy the cursed tree…

Well for me the best exemple would be Shrek! By turning into human gives him the trait, but he as to work out how he could act as human… in witch he fail actually. On purpose, he just didn’t liked it.

I don’t know HOW to work it out rules wise, but I could see him having to lose his orcish common traits one by one as he slowly earns the right to Be Human with the tree being the catalyst and his BITS palying out through his adventures causing him to burn enough artha to task his intent. (Imagine how crestfallen he would be to discover some humans can be meaner than the cruelest orc.)