Stone Scammer - Solo AP

So @SpydersWebbing got talking with me one day, and decided he’d run a solo campaign in his setting. We spitballed a few ideas, and settled on the Dwarves, who hadn’t been heavily defined yet. Man, there was some cool stuff we came up with. Anyhow.

Core premise of the game is that there’s human magic guilds in conflict, and my dwarf gets dragged into the middle of all of this, because one of the guild leaders has heard legends of the strange powers of the dwarves, powers which my character doesn’t even remotely possess. So I’m going to con the humans.

He gave me five lifepaths to work with; he may regret this decision, because here’s what I whipped up.

Spar (he/him), Dwarf Huckster (5 LPs, 124 years old)

Stats, Skills, Gear

Lifepaths: Born Clansman -> Tinkerer -> Hawker -> Trader -> Gambler

Perception: B6
Will: B7
Power: B4
Forte: B5
Agility: B4
Speed: B3

Health: B6
Steel: B7
Greed: B4 (riches, physical beauty, power)
Circles: B3
Resources: B4

Mortal Wound: B11 (rounded up because of Tough trait)

Stuff-wise B3, Inconspicuous B6, Stentorious Debate B3, Games of Chance B3, Persuasion B5, Sleight of Hand B2, Falsehood B4, Scavenging B4, Streetwise B3, Haggling B3, Shrewd Appraisal B3, Knives B2

Gear: Clothes; sturdy shoes; dwarven knives (+1D balance die); dwarven tools (Games of Chance skill, +1D to skill), Keg o’ Nog (12 mugfuls)

Reputations: 2D among surface dwarves (“Kin”, colloquially) as “The Silverbeard”, who helps integrate surface dwarves into their society
Affiliations: 1D financier of the Shadestone Traveling Players; 2D operative of The Processors/Death’s Brothers


  • Onyx (she/her), leader of my clan of underground Kin, my former lover
  • Salt (she/her), my daughter, working in Otoh City with the surface Kin community there
  • Tara (she/her), a guildsmage past her prime, cultivating a romance with me

Starting Situation
So, there’s a castle (Sabina Castle) that I’ve been hired to go to. It acts essentially as neutral ground for several mage guilds (Art Magic), as a safe spot for them to meet with one another. Accordingly, it’s a hotbed for intrigue and spies. So why am I there?

Well, there’s a few guilds who frequent this castle. There’s The Shield, armed mercenaries. There’s The Kami Guardians, an agricultural guild. Then there’s Death’s Brothers…a sanitation guild. They’re more commonly thought of as The Processors. And it’s The Processors who hired me, because they’ve got it in their heads that dwarves can listen to the stones and hear the things that were spoken aloud before the stones.

Which is sorta true. In this setting, yes, stones have a sort of presence that dwarves can attune to, but it’s a specially-cultivated skill and many dwarves certainly do not have it to begin with. Not to mention the fact that you’d need to be highly-trained to hear specific things spoken in front of the stone walls of a castle.

But scam these ignorant humans I will.

Here’s what we’ve got, going into the starting situation: Caius, son of the guild leader for Death’s Brothers (Germana Corvus), was witnessed using fire magic to kill someone, while working with The Shield. Fire magic is forbidden to be used against humans; The Processors are the only ones allowed to use it, because fire is very good at cleaning out gunk, but to be caught using fire magic against a human? Execution. Germana wants him exonerated.

Humans are ignorant, and I may as well exploit their ignorance.
Tara is surprisingly intelligent, and her advice is always worth following.
Germana is exceptionally numbskulled for a human; I’ll make whatever evidence she wants.
(Oath) I swore to Onyx-sama that I would make humanity see the strength of the dwarves.

Always find an exit.
If among strangers, gather information about them.
Never acknowledge a dwarf in Sabina Castle.

Curious (char), Stone-Faced (Dt), Ear for Voices (Dt), Aura of Innocence (C-O)

I’ll pick up with the actual session 1 when it’s not absurdly late at night.


Sounds like a fun game. You’ve also prepared well for solo-play. Establishing a cast of relations is doubly important when there are no players to offer help!

If I may add some comments in regards to your Beliefs and instincts. Mind you: polishing beliefs and instincts is an organic process. I don’t believe in first session characters with perfect ones.


B1 "Humans are ignorant, and I may as well exploit their ignorance"
As your GM I would want this sharpened. What is your speciality? What exactly are you trying to sell to these ignorant humans. The setting suggests a big con: Why not make this your first belief!

Example: Humans are ignorant; I’ll make them think I am a powerful stonespeaker.
Example: Humans will always believe a well mannered dwarf

B2 Tara is surprisingly intelligent, and her advice is always worth following
You can make this more a powerful sentiment by cutting away excess.
Example: Tara always knows best

B3 Germana is exceptionally numbskulled for a human; I’ll make whatever evidence she wants.
This one does something of what I requested in B1. However: You can sharpen it even more by explicitly stating how you will fake the evidence! (Perhaps if you can turn this to your advantage too!)

Example: I’ll rescue Germana’s son by creating a fall guy; this will earn me an ally
Example: Germana believes anything I tell her; I’ll convince her the stones didn’t hear her son use magics


I1, may I suggest “Always look for exits”

I2, If among strangers, gather information about them
I don’t like it. It sounds a bit like ‘always win’. Best beliefs follow the 'always…, never…, and ‘when…’ type sentence structure. They may also be magnets for trouble.

Example: “When I conduct business, I always check their background first”
Example: “Always check for dirt, before trading money or favours”
Example: Never do a deal without checking for dirt

I3. This I like.

Because your character is a con-guy enmeshed in lies. Perhaps setting up an instinct which limits your lying could be interesting. Something along the lines “Never lie to a fellow dwarf” or “Never lie about beards/axes/rituals/metal”



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