I was thinking about a mission I’m working on (see Mission: Investigation & Diplomacy) and decided the patrol’s first obstacle would be to locate an individual. The mouse in question, Digory Farnham, is locked in a cellar beneath the house of a well-off merchant. I envisioned the patrol testing Streetwise to pick up rumors and information leading them to Tamsin Outerbridge who knows where Digory is kept and can give the patrol a key to the cellar. Then I remembered there is no Streetwise skill, leaving me a bit unsure about what skill to test.

I looked at Circles but it states it is a special ability for the players that allows them to try and find allies. Can the GM call on the players to test Circles in the GM Turn, or should I call for another skill? If so, which one?

They could test a wise, like rumor-wise, Ivydale-wise, or family secret-wise. Having them test scout–with help from an appropriate wise–wouldn’t be ridiculous though.

Yeah, Scout just doesn’t feel like a social skill though. It feels like sneaking alone out in the wilderness.

Perhaps you need to frame the situation so that the players can leverage a social skill (e.g. Persuader) to overcome the obstacle. Don’t make locating Tamsin the issue–make securing Tamsin’s help the issue.

Circles to find Tamsin, or some relative.

Yes, the GM can create a Circles obstacle.

Also, I think the answer to why this character has 3 traits is that the version in the book is after a Winter Session. I don’t think he started with Suspicious.