Stupid Question - buying a personal ship

So let’s say I’ve got a character who’s got the trait Owner Aboard from the Ship’s Captain lifepath. I’ve got 9 Resource Points at character generation and, naturally, I want to buy a ship for him. I’m short on time and I look through the book and I decide the Mercator is what I need (pg555).

Question is - how much does it cost in Resource Points?

For example, is it like other gear and costs, say, 2rps as a piece of personal gear that’s special? Or, if I extrapolate from the tech burner rules, I divide the listed resource cost (which is, as I read it, equal also to the number of trait points used in making it) by the Index of my world. So, if I’m on a Low Index world, and I want to buy said Mercator with my Resource points at chargen, and the Mercator cost is OB13, then my Resource point cost is 4 (1 Resource point equals 4 Trait points).

Which is correct? I have a feeling it’s the second, but I want to be sure. Thanks.

It’d be one or two RPs for that character to own a stock mercator from the book. One if it’s common to own ships on the world, two if it’s special or restricted.

Thanks very much for that. Clears up much confusion, and sits right with the first bit of rules I read. Wonderful.