Stupidly confused about Quivers

For some reason I’ve got all in a muddle about how quivers work - probably because I can’t seem to find an example in the book of it used in practice and just wondering how you guys do it on your sheets

So a quiver goes on my torso or belt and contains my Bow AND ammo? Or just one of those things? So basically when my bow is not in my hands I’ll just write it next to my Quiver…which will be either stuck to my back or attached to my belt? Is it really that simple? For some reason this is confusing me way more than it should.

Oh semi-related - when a weapons mentions how it is carried but does not mention it can go on a belt is this just to reflect that the weapon is too big to be hung from your waist - like a spear for example?

Thanks and sorry for the stupid questions :slight_smile:

  1. Quiver is kept on the torso (1 slot) or goes into the belt/weapon slot. Bow goes inside the quiver or is carried in hand (2 slots). A quiver holds a bow and arrows, or two slot 1 items.

  2. Yep.