Suasion/Religious Diatribe in Duel of Wits

Suasion says it is a Persuasion skill for religious arguments and Religious Diatribe says it is an Oratory skill for religious arguments. But they don’t show up as options in the list of skill that can be used in Duel of Wits for determining Body of Argument. Is this intentional or a typo? If intentional, is there a reason these skills can’t be used as the main skill for a DoW?

They can be used in place of Persuasion or Oratory, if appropriate to the duel. That’s what the skill descriptions are saying.

Hi Aaron,
In BWR, they were meant to be substituted for the aforementioned skills. In BWG, they are linked to specific actions.


So looks like Suasion is only useable for Obfuscate and Rebuttal. Though this table seems to indicate Point also (but I don’t see Suasion listed under point on p.397 or on the scripting sheet).

Per that sheet, Religious Diatribe are used for Dismiss and Feint.


That matrix actually had a half-dozen errors, unfortunately, which I’ve just corrected. As you say, Suasion can’t be used for Point. Rhetoric is now the champion Duel of Wits skill, with access to five actions, with Oratory right behind at 4. The others all allow 3 actions at most.

Hmm, so Suasion in use in DoW doesn’t quite match the skill description “This allows the Priest to convince others to act… It is a Persuasion skill for clergy.” If he can only do Obfuscate or Rebuttal and can’t use as BoA for DoW, that doesn’t quite match. Is there an errata here?


He can still use it outside of DoWs.