Success allocation when Flanking

I’m looking at Success Allocation on page 487. It says that your margin of success is subtracted from your opponent’s disposition. On the previous page, it says that the Obstacle for Flank against Direct Fire is two. But the second paragraph of the example says it would have removed five points from an opponent’s disposition on five successes, not three.

Is this an error in the text? Or do dice used to meet an Obstacle count as successes?

It’s an error. It should have been 3 successes from the Disposition, not 5.

Thor (or anyone) – is there a collection of errata somewhere yet? On the wiki or something, and I just haven’t seen it yet? Sure would be handy for these little artifacts and goofs.


The only main one that I am aware of is the Feint action in DoW where it subtracts successes from opposied actions not MoS.

I’ve put a quick Errata page up on the BE wiki. If you have the book to hand, please fix up with accurate text, page numbers &c. I’ll get it added to the sidebar when I remember how to do that.

Now, excuse me while I go and grumble about working in three wiki syntaxes concurrently for a minute.

Whoot! Errata! Sweet, sweet errata! I’ll go add some page refs and links to the original forum discussions now - but my home computer refuses to accept the wiki’s cookies for some reason, so it’ll look as if an unregistered user did it.