Suggestions for Agility and Forte Tests

It has increasingly occurred to me that the things I test the least in my games are Agility and Forte. I often have a hard time coming up with situations in which it makes sense to call for tests of those stats - unless I’m setting out traps designed to specifically test said stats. There are also Beginner’s Luck tests, but that’s true of any stat.

What are some in-game situations in which other GM’s have called for Agility or Forte tests, outside of Beginner’s Luck?

Well, the way to get them in Fight is:

Agi: Use a weapon skill you don’t have, and script a Disarm

Forte: Break out of a Lock

Forte is actually easy to do, if anyone is doing anything “adventure-y” - hike a whole day, clear rubble from a stone doorway, carry your injured friend out of the battlefield, stay awake the whole night to make sure THEY don’t find you in the tree, go a few days without food and only the water you can get from recent rainfall, eat weird, slightly moldy food.

Although some of these are exciting, others are just things you’d Say Yes with, and just tell the player to mark it down as practice. “You spend 3 days helping the village clear rubble after the floods. Consider 75% of that Forte and 25% Power and let’s move on.”

Agility is mostly going to be Beginner’s Luck tests, though, given the amount of skills that pull from it, you can actually get a lot trying to do nearly anything. Any kind of combat skill pulls from it, as well as any kind of art/drawing/writing skill (usually along with perception).

But general adventure-y stuff can hit it as well: Catch the falling object, grab a rope as you fall from the rigging, snatch a rattlesnake by the back of the head.