Summer 1151 - "drought and danger"

I’ve been a big fan of the Mouse Guard comics for quite a while, and when looking for an easy-to-play tabletop RPG so that preparations wouldn’t take too much spare time out of a busy work-schedule, my Mouse Guard 1st ed. rulebook caught the eye.

I tried it out with two friends (two swedes and a frenchman) and we played a season (summer) in 1151, while recording our adventure. (We’ve continued with a third player since then, currently finishing up our Fall 1151 adventures, heading towards our first winter.)

We’re essentially playing pretty loose, so there are some house rules and errors in there (whatever worked in the moment).

However, I thought it would be nice to share our first adventure with new, and longtime players of the Mouse Guard RPG.

(I really love playing this. It has rekindled my love for RPGs, and allows me to dive into the world of David’s excellent comics.)

If you want to play it, or something similar, I’ve included my session notes and adventure planning as well (in a word doc).

Audio files:
Word doc with sessions:

Cheers everyone

For the territories!