Summoning Question

OK, I know this will probably get changed once the Codex is out… but this question is about services from summoning r spirit binding…

Would it be possible to ask to be taught a skill? IE - be given a test as the service? The whole “asking for knowledge” and being taught things? (specifically wondering about using summoning for the first test to try to study sorcery…)

Also the image of the ghost of a former master mage being bound to serve as the mentor to a young “whippersnapper” :slight_smile:

You could summon up a ghost and have it instruct you. Seems like a lot of trouble, when you could just find a normal person to instruct you.

Kinda cool to have a ghost tutor, maybe some skills were lost to time and no one is left who knows…

Dragon Husbandry comes to mind as a skill that might be lost.

Totally legit. It happens all the time in the Star Wars universe!

Yes for Summoning, No for Spirit Binding.

I like it. Things man was not meant to know, now delivered from BEYOND THE GRAVE!!!

So… expounding more on this possibility…

In magic burner, the service of a summoned entity include “Revelation”, “Social”, and “Physical” services. I would propose that teaching of a skill is not a revelation - it is not just answering a question, but is more like a service over time - probably a social or physical (depending on skill) service that need to go on long enough for a “instruction test” to be earned?

So say (10-exp of entity) + (10-will of character) in days for a particular teaching period - using the exponent of the entity as the instruction skill?
The character might have to summon for a long enough period to allow for these tests as well (normally weeks to months to get enough tests earned to improve?)
Of course, this allows for the teacher to be unlucky and not be able to teach a thick headed student… Might the time period “a single event” be used as a single test earned? or would that be making it too easy?

would that sound like a fair mechanic without it being overpowered?