Superficial Wounds Stack?

So, I was just reading through this thread. I go through old threads from time to time to just catch myself on rules calls and the likes and it got me thinking.

The post in question was

Correct. The only time that’s different is +1 Ob for the first superficial, nothing for the second, on the third it upgrades to a -1D.

So I wanted some follow up on it, as I may have been playing wrong this past year or so.

I’ve always played it as +1 ob for a superficial wound, +1 ob again for the second superficial wound. For a cumulative +2 ob until the third superficial is taken, in which it then upgrades to the -1D.

or is the quote correct?

+1 ob for the first superficial, nothing for the next superficial, and then the -1D upgrade for the third?


I am away from my copy of the rules at the moment, but that is how I have always played it.

It used to be +1Ob/+2Ob/-1D in Classic, but as of Revised it was scaled back to +1Ob/+1Ob/-1D as +2Ob was deemed too cruel & unusual even for BW.