Supplies/Tools: Smith, Tanner, Herder, Jeweler, Miller, Farmer

You can get supplies from these skills/professions, though these are not skills to choose from or pick up. I’m having issues with how to implement them.

Is a “smith” an Armorer?
A “tanner” a Hunter?
“Farmer/herder” a Peasant?
“Miller” a Scholar?
“Jeweler” an Alchemist?

I’m confused why so many extra skills/professions are listed in the Supplies/Tools for each skill with no reference except for perhaps hiring them out in Town. It’s as though there were supposed to be more skills but the list got cut short and the leftovers still in the descriptions.

Clarification is needed, please.

More skills and professions will be released in future material. Until then, you’ll have to hire out what you need.