Thought I’d ask, even though the answer seems to be obvious. Fury of the Lords of Life and Death lists finery as supplies. Supplies are described as being expended after being used as supplies. Does that mean you need to make a Ob 4 Resources Test and lug around torso/worn 3 or pack 4 clothing just to get +1D for a single test only to have the finery burn up in the same holy fire that smites the undead? Seems a bit steep of a price, granted it’s optional for that +1D, but steep… Am I missing something?

What’s worse, supplies for peasants include granaries! There are an awful lot peasants going around burning down their granaries to get a +1D on this season’s harvest roll. :wink:

PS – More seriously, for my own campaigns, I’m planning to use this interpretation: for each roll, you can use one tool set (reusable, like a grapple and rope) and one set of supplies (expendable). Those two options stack. For the various permanent items listed in the book as “supplies”, I will simply treat them as the tool portion, and assume that the supplies are the expendable components.

I had a similar problem while running Under The House of the Three Squires. The guys were trying to climb down the dungeon and had a rope and hook, and I couldn’t decide if it was an expendable Supplies or what. By the end I ruled it as a “Good Idea”. But as you point out, this is a problem that will keep coming up.

Stay cool :cool:

Hmm, well, to some extent I could see a rope as being expandable, particularly if you are climbing down. But then, it’s also salvageable if you ever climb back up.

I think you only can get +1D from equipment on a test.

Not sure what you mean. I mean obviously there are other ways to get a +1D, like help, so I’m not sure what distinction you are trying to make.

I’m inclined to think that, if it’s clearly not expendable, then it’s not expendable. So your rope and granaries aren’t going anywhere, but your prayer/spell supplies are poof! gone.

Except when the supplies are described as finery?..

It may not vanish in a puff of smoke, but it’s amazing how quickly finery goes out of fashion. It would be gauche to wear it again.

Perhaps a skilled weaver could make that finery look fresh and different…

The skeleton looks up at the cleric’s radiant vestments as he invokes his holy prayer and says “Looks like somebody took a trip to the thrift store. That look is so last summer.”