Surprise Mechanic

If you gain the element of surprise you may choose two actions for your first of three, then pick one after the opponents’ is revealed.

Conflict / Possible Scenario
Argument - Overheard position
Chase - Head start
Fight - Ambush
Negotiation - Inside knowledge
Journey - Extensively planned
Speech - Bribed crowd
War - Ambush or Diversion

I like it; I don’t think it quite goes far enough…

I think an additional point of disposition would round it out nicely.

No, no, no. Game breaking. Give advantage or a bonus point to dispo, but don’t break the action choice mechanics.


Surprise sounds like a very nice way to color help on your dispo test.

I think the element of surprise is beyond the scope of the Mouse Guard scene-framing style.

If one wanted to account of it, however, I would do it as some kind of gear that gives bonuses to Attack actions on the first exchange. Or something similar.

Yea, I suppose the GM could just give a bonus as he sees fit. Thanks for the feedback.

Today, I treated it as an advantage die for turn 1… My 9yo brought a group of 10 rebels (with a Rebel Wise roll) at the party… The pile-o-Rewards makes a big difference… But the rest of the party had set it up as an ambush. Result: 4 injured Guardsmice, 10 dead rebels, and two Guardsmice down down 1 Nature.

A 1d advantage on turn 1 really does make a big difference, but not an overwhelming one.