Surprise. No, not me. In the game.

Struck by the Thoughtful Trait, I was wondering how I would mechanically handle planning out an ambush or other planning advantages? Add to my roll for disposition? Straight additional successes to my Disposition? Or is that all wrong.

I have also been giving some though to Ambush-wise but thought it would be best to know…um…you know, how to ambush people in game. Heh. Well, not people. You know, other stinky dungeon dwelling misfits…probably, monsters…or sub-humanoids.

Ambush-wise aiding a disposition roll seems like a great way to handle it. Or maybe a Scout test which allows you to change what would normally only be a Drive Off conflict due to narrative reasons, into Kill or Capture conflict. Or just handle it in the conflict by scripting Maneuver as your first action, and banking on getting extra help or -wise use based on the description of your maneuver being setting up your ambush. Or any combination of these things. I think it depends on the situation in the fiction.

I’d do Scout test vs Nature (if the creature has Hiding or Lurking as descriptors) or otherwise set the difficulty at an Ob equal to its Might. Margin of success = extra dice for a disposition roll for a capture, drive off or kill conflict. Margin of failure goes to the enemy(ies).

There is likely a mechanic for surprise since the Red Dragon specifically says it cannot be surprised. If it cannot be – and that fact must be explicitly stated as a Special note – that means surprise must exist as an option in the game. (says I)