Survivalist Instinct

My character’s specialization is Survivalist. I’d like to do an Instinct using his specialization, but I’d rather not do the old Safe Camp thing. Any thoughts on a good Survivalist Instinct?

Finding water sources could always be useful.

I’d thought of that, too. Just wasn’t sure how to word it without it being “When we make camp, find a water source.” Maybe “Whenever we enter an unexplored area, find a water source”? Even then, I’m not sure how to define “unexplored area”. I would do “Whenever I get hungry, find potable water”, but we’ve already got a member with the “Whenever I get hungry, forage for food”.

What’s wrong with “When we make camp, find a water source.”?

Your big areas for Survivalist:
Finding/making shelter
Building a fire/keeping it lit
Finding water
Keeping an eye out for bad weather
Making tools (torches, etc)

A weather-watching Instinct is good because it’s not just a free test, it lets you know what’s going to happen so you can prepare for it. And because bad weather can force you into a certain mode of survival, it’s good to have advance warning. Plus: it’s twist insurance.