Sustaining Spells... And Wisdom of the Ancients

Hey, folks, I had a quick question about the Wisdom of the Ancients spell, then I realized I may not understand the Sustained duration well enough, so now I have more questions:

Are Will Dice used for sustaining spells functionally the same as Dice lost due to Wound Penalties? They can’t be used for stuff, but do they count for incapacitation - If I am using all but 1D of my Will to sustain a spell and I take a Light (1D) Wound, am I knocked out? If I take that hit, and I drop one spell due to suffering a May Not, am I still up, having regained the Will Die from the lost spell?

The whole reason I went down this tangent was because I was looking at Wisdom of the Ancients, which gives +2 Will and is sustained, and thought, “Huh, so I gain 2 Will then spend a Will to sustain it, so it’s a net of +1 Will? Maybe there’s some difference between a Will Die being spent to sustain a spell and a Will Die being lost due to Wounds that I don’t understand.”

Any help would be appreciated! :smile:

Nope, you’ve got it. The Ancients can only help you so much when sustaining spells — but they can help quite a bit when making unskilled social skill tests. :slight_smile:

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Heh. Cool, thanks. Is there a way to get both dice from them for an untrained social skill, or is it just the 1D net?

Ah! Cast it multiple times!

It’s really most effective when cast on an ally.


Cool, cool! And disorienting, I bet!

“Help me out here, Wizard.”


“Why’d he say it like that?”


"Oh, Jesus! Who are all these voices in my head, whispering sibilants and guiding me in the undoing of my interlocutor’s will!?

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