Sutara Pregen


Stock: Human
Class: Paladin
Home: Religious Bastion
Raiment: bright yellow tunic
Parents: Orphan
Mentor: Yasin the Healer
Friend: Miriam the Scholar
Enemy: -
Alignment: Law
Belief: I must fight off the forces of evil and chaos.
Goal: -
Instinct: Always offer help!
Raw Abilities: Will 5, Health 3, Nature 5, Resources 0, Circle 3
Nature Descriptors: Boasting, Demanding, Running
Skills: Fighter 3, Orator 3, Rider 3, Theologian 2, Survivalist 3, Ritualist 2, Healer 2, Haggler 2, Scholar 1,
Wise: Foreign country-wise
Traits: Feared in Hell 1, Defender 2,
helmet [head], holy symbol [neck], father’s signet ring (1D) [hand worn], satchel [torso worn], leather armor [torso worn], rations, preserved (3) [pouch], scimitar[belt/weapon], wine(full) [skin], shoes [feet], Candels (4) [satchel], bottle (wine) [satchel]
Nature Answers: Boast your exploits, demand your rights, do not fear.
Circles Answers: no parents, friend & mentor, no enemy

My take on Sutara as presented in the KS Paladin bonus PDF. Later on add a mace and a shield to give her the appearance as on the pictures.

[Edit: To make Sutara a starting character.]


Remember that, despite the sweet illustration, a paladin must choose between shield and helmet at first level. You start with leather armor and you only get one starting weapon.