Synergy in MouseGuard

I’m reading the Torchbearer 2e Scholar’s Guide currently and came across the Synergy rule, which looks interesting. Can anyone foresee any problems using this rule as written in MouseGuard? The rule is as follows:

“When helping another player on a test, the helper may spend one fate
point before the dice are cast to learn from the experience.
Players may use the synergy effect while helping on a skill, ability or
Beginner’s Luck test. If the player rolling the dice passes the test, the
helper marks a passed test for advancement for the skill or ability with
which they helped, not necessarily the one being tested. If they fail, they
mark a failed test.
All help must obey the standard helping rules.”

Help is intended to be selfless in Mouse Guard—done without thought of reward. It was a very deliberate choice to omit the Helpers Learn rule from Burning Wheel in MG.


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