Tackle and Falling

If A scripts Tackle against B and fails, does A end up on the ground?

What about if A met the Ob but didn’t exceed it, and thus has staggered B but not knocked her down?

First question: no, since they failed to close in (remember, both A and B are running around the entire time, presumably A tried to jump on B and couldn’t make it).
Second question: I believe it depends on if it ends up a vs. test or a straight Ob shoot. If it’s a vs. test no (ties go to the defender), if it’s a straight Ob shoot I think a tackle takes them both down since A succeeded. I’d need to double-check my book to be sure but my gut feeling is that meeting the Ob is enough to get your intent (which is the grab them and drag them down with you).

Colin’s judgement seems sound.

Followup question: arbitrating Tackles and Charges engaging fight environment.

Provided the necessary successes are accrued. Would you permit a tackle or charge to push (or drop both) combatants off a ledge for further falling damage? The ledge must be previously established. Examples: Castle walls, wells, deadly doom pits, spiked traps, latrines, etc.

My take: Sounds fun, but might edge in on the Physical Actions move.

If that intent was stated upfront, sure. Otherwise one action tackle, next action: throw person off ledge.