Tainted Legacy to make Blood Orcs

So I wanted to create an Orc sub-group, a creature a bit more monstrous and vicious than regular Orcs, which I am calling Blood Orcs. Rather than Burning a whole new monster, I thought it may be better to just use Tainted Legacy to create them…basically allow them to pick a Trait from Giants or Trolls.

The alternative is to create a whole new Lifepath set for them which would give them traits from the Monster Burner to represent their more monstrous nature. While this makes sense, it may be over complicated.

What do you guys think?

Tainted Legacy is a much easier and very tidy solution. Or you could pick your own new common trait.

I love the idea. You should trade out one of their common traits for FL. Maybe Fanged and Clawed?

We recently (-ish) had a thread about using Tainted Legacy to make Tieflings (D&D-style fiend-blooded folk). Hansel created a new Born lifepath that grants the traits. Something similar could work for your concept.