Tainted Legacy

I’ve been burning up some rough character ideas I had lately (using Charred, the online character burner), and I came across this trait:

Tainted Legacy Dt 5 pts
The player may choose one trait from a daemon, vampyr, satyr, red cap, raksha, ophidia, koscista-noga, giant, or dragon. The character always counts as having the “different race” penalty (+2 Ob) to Inconspicuous tests.

While getting 5 trait points can be a challenge, especially in 4-5 LP characters, it seems like this trait could be used for things ranging from the mundane to the immensely powerful or game-defining:

Mundane: Take the Gifted trait from the Ophidia. This is just the same as buying the Gifted trait directly, but with some extra flavor.

Immensely Powerful: Hands of Stone (Giant), Spirit Nature (Daemon), The Tongue (Daemon). I would only allow these in a party with Elves, Dwarves, and Faithful Sorcerers. Also, its worth noting that Hands of Stone normally costs 10 pts.

Game Defining: Dissent Parasite (Raksha), Named (Daemon), Shapeshifter (Raksha, also requires Telltales for an additional trait point), Doppelganger (Daemon). These traits aren’t inherently powerful, but they define a character in a way that the above traits don’t. Dissent Parasite in particular seems really fun to play (especially in a 1-on-1 game).

Not sure if Legal: Dragon’s Breath, Dragon’s Flight. These traits all require another trait to work as described. Dragon’s Flight and Dragon’s Breath both require Dragon’s Blood, (though the requirement is not listed). I would be hesitant to allow these traits (especially flight), but if I did, it would be at additional penalty – extra trait points, weaker abilities, etc.

Also, a question: Shapeshifter could be considered to require an additional trait describing the shapeshifted form (in this case, I would most likely require the player choose Tiger-Demon Form). Does this trait come free with the Shapeshifter trait, or would I have to buy it separately, as with Telltales?

I feel like you should cap the cost of the trait you acquire. Getting Hands of Stone for a mere 5 trait points on a stock that doesn’t normally get it seems like way too much of a benefit.

GMS have veto over characters, remember.

Tainted Legacy should not bypass other requirements. As you note, in practice that means a lot of traits are off limits.